Donald Houde

Donald Houde and Houde Consulting are business management, executive leadership and IV&V consultants

Business and Information Technology Consulting Services

Enterprise Application/Tool Architecture Design

including SLDS, emphasizing a balance between ROI, high availability, scalability, operational excellence, code reuse and reliability (e.g., Cloud, SaaS, SOA, clusters, web services, load balancers, geographically disperse sites, backup strategies).

Relationship Management

including public and private partnerships, client partners and vendors.

Sustainability Concept Expertise

including operations management, business continuity/DR, metrics collection and analysis, workflow design/implementation, service delivery, application/tool release, help desk, problem ticket/critical issue management.


Information securitization, privacy, confidentiality and audit planning and implementation.

Business Process Management, Design and Implementation

including ITL, project, supply chain, SDLC, operations, change control, configuration management, QA, capacity planning.

Creative Methods of Revenue Generation

including grant writing, IT service delivery sharing and automated solutions' reuse and extensibility.

Effective Leadership

focusing on collaborative organization design and quantifiable measures of success.

Additionally, Donald Houde provides services in:

  • Public Speaking
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Change Management
  • Financial Management
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Architectural Design
  • Governance, Policy, Procedure and Process Engineering
  • Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Data Coaching and Engineering

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Identity Management Solutions Design

and implementation including single sign-on and federated models.

Writings by Donald Houde on specific topics include

Donald Houde, Houde Consulting, provides consulting services in Business Management, Information Technology, Cloud Computing, IVV, Executive Leadership, Governance, Idea Implementation.